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        2023年5月23日,一年一届的欧洲最大电池展The Battery Show Europe在德国斯图加特展览中心顺利开幕!beat365在线体育受邀赴德参展,展示新能源锂电智造的新趋势、新技术、新工艺以及更多智能制造解决方案,助力新能源行业发展!




The Battery Show Europe, the largest battery exhibition in Europe, was solemnly opened at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center in Germany on May 23, 2023! UW Laser was invited to exhibit in the show to showcase new trends, new technologies, new processes, and more intelligent manufacturing solutions of new energy lithium battery intelligent manufacturing and boost the development of the new energy industry!

 With rapid development from direct overseas market expansion to localized production, China’s new energy industry chain is gaining momentum! Accordingly, as a core supplier of laser welding for new energy power batteries, UW Laser is dedicated to becoming a leading global mainstream supplier of laser welding equipment and intelligent manufacturing. In 2022, UW Laser formally established a wholly-owned subsidiary of UW German to further expand its overseas markets and propel the company to build a localized service network in Europe. 

Since its inception, the company has started to plot the new energy industry with a forward-looking strategic vision and is committed to becoming "the name card of China" of global battery mid-end and back-end complete line equipment, which can provide global new energy battery manufacturers with energy-saving and efficient full-link intelligent manufacturing solutions of prismatic batteries, pouch batteries, and cylindrical batteries, from battery cells to modules, and to packs. UW Laser is now rapidly stretching its global reach. In the future, the company will continue to forge ahead and look forward to shining brightly in the international arena along the journey of globalization!